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Friday 14th June 2024  

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Quorn Lodge Farm, 1952

The author of the following piece which appeared in the press in 1952, is describing a farm which is situated on the south-west side of the A6 near Lodge End (the old road to Woodthorpe). It is thought that this property is still there, but it is not possible to view from the road.
This also adds to the confusion of the name ‘Quorn Lodge Farm’, which since the 1800s has been used for the farm which now stands at the end of a track coming off the One Ash roundabout, nearer Quorn, on the east side of the A6.

Loughborough Echo Friday 22nd August 1952

From an Artist’s Sketch-Book (120)
About half a mile from Loughborough, on the right hand of Leicester Road, near the lane to Woodthorpe, stands, on a rise, Quorn Lodge Farm, the fine white-washed house buildings, shown in our sketch. Its position at a bend in the main road commands the immediate attention of travellers.

The estate, owned by Mr. T.E. Bedder, who lives in Loughborough, is farmed by his tenant, Mr. W. Noon.

Impressive in appearance as the farmhouse undoubtedly is, this building was at one time subsidiary to a large and handsome mansion known as Quorn Lodge, located at a short distance behind it, and of which now only rubble and foundations remain. Weeds and bushes nearly obliterate the relics of this interesting residence.

A former member of the household who lives in Quorn has a photograph of the house as it stood in days gone by, before it was sold to a company who demolished it. Standing among the massive stones which are still to be seen she would indicate the position of the apartments in which she spent a long part of her life in service there.

For a picture of Quorn Lodge, see Artefact 871

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