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Monday 25th September 2023  

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Death of Mr W H Inglesant - 1934

Loughborough Echo - 5th January 1934

Death of Mr W H Inglesant

The death of Mr William Hyde Inglesant, of Quorn recalls to mind that he was a member of the band of bell ringers who established the change-ringing world's record, which was rung on Easter Monday, April 12th 1909, in 12 hours and 18 minutes at All Saints Church, Loughborough.

It was a peal of 18,027 Stedman Caters. This is the greatest achievement ever obtained in the annals of ringing. It supersedes all records, being the heaviest long peal, the greatest number of changes and the longest time every rung without rest. The weight of the tenor bell was 30 and a half cwt. net.

The photograph shows the team of ringers (with the exception of Mr Denison Taylor and Mr John Taylor, members of the Bell Foundry firm, who are included in the photograph) which established this record, and their names, reading from left to right, are: - Back row: Isaac G Shade (2nd), Geo. R Pye (treble), Wm H Inglesant (3rd), William Willson (7th), Gabriel Lindoff (composer, 9th), John H Cheeseman (4th), Middle row: - William J Nudds (8th), E Denison Taylor (bell-founder), John W Taylor (bell-founder), William Pye (conductor, tenor); Front row: - Ben A Knight (6th), Bertram Prevett (5th).

Mr Inglsant took part in other achievements besides the Stedman record at Loughborough in 1909. On Boxing day, 1904, he was one of a team who, at Wigston Parish Church, established a record, as yet unbeaten, of 17,104 Double Norwich Court bob Majors, in ten hours 35 minutes.

The funeral of Mr William Hyde Inglesant, who died on Saturday aged 61 years took place at Quorn Parish Church on Wednesday. The service was conducted by Canon Rumsey, and the mourners were Mrs Inglesant (widow), Mrs White (sister), Mr G C White (nephew), Mrs J S Smith (cousin), Mr W E Sutton (brother-in-law), Mr A H Noon, Mr A Smith and Mr J Oldham (Messrs Taylors' Bellfoundry). The Midland Counties Association of Change Ringers was represented by Mr W Willson, vice-president, and Mr W E White (treasurer) who bought a wreath from the association. Wreaths were also sent by the Loughborough Parish Church bell ringers and the Quorn Parish Church Ringers Guild. The bearers were Messrs C Fewkes, J Chamberlain, T Broom and G Waddington.

Mr Inglesant, who died after a long illness, very patiently borne, was descended from the Hyde family, who held a cottage at the will of the Lord of Beamanor, as long ago as AD 1544, and who, in the person of John Hide, did fealty to the Lord of the Manor of Barrow, for the house, which stood near the site of the present stables of Quorn House, in 1758, and where the family lived until 1830, when Mr E B Farnham bought the property. Mr Hide was one of the commissioners for the dividing and enclosing of the open and common fields of Quorn in 1763, and, later on, was one of the Freeholders who voted for the election of a Knight of the shire to represent the county in Parliament. (Farnham's Quorndon records).

The Loughborough band of ringers are attempting a half-muffled peal of double Norwich on the bell of the Foundry Tower tonight. Tomorrow afternoon, four of Loughborough's oldest ringers and six Leicester ringers will ring a half muffled peal of Stedman caters on the bells of the Parish Church. Both these are tokens of respect to the late Mr Inglesant, by the Midland Counties Association of Change Ringers.

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