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The Moss family in Quorn and Quorn Fields/Lodge Farm

The milk bottle below was dug up from an old tip in Quorn and dates from the 1920s. It is 1 pint size and etched in the glass is “ROY MOSS QUORN FIELDS FARM”. The house is Quorn Fields Farm in Quorn (also known as Quorn Lodge Farm), taken from a sale catalogue in 1946.

The Moss family have quite a history, mainly centred on Loughborough, but they also had Quorn connections. William Moss was living on Wood Gate in Loughborough in 1851, with his wife Jane and their nine children. He was a ‘master builder employing eight men. Their second son (John) was aged eight years old.

The 1871 census finds John Moss married and running a butcher’s shop situated on the corner of High Steet and Pinfold Gate in Loughborough. With him were his wife (Elizabeth Ann, aged 27) and his two oldest children, Ann Jane (aged 7) and Percy John (aged 5), a servant girl and an apprentice butcher. The family were still there in 1881, but by 1891, John and his family had moved to Quorn Fields Farm in Quorn, (also known as Lodge Farm), which is situated down a long lane which is a small exit/entrance off the One Ash roundabout to the north of Quorn. At this time (1890s) John is described as a farmer, butcher and cab proprietor. John and Elizabeth had six children in total, but two died as infants. John and Elizabeth Moss lived at Quorn Fields Farm for over 30 years until John’s retirement in 1919.

The surviving children included Percy John Moss, who in 1891 was married with a baby son (John). He and his wife Frances Annie were running John senior’s butchers’ shop on High Street in Loughborough. By 1901 they had a daughter, Hilda, and were living at 43 Pinfold Gate, Loughborough. Percy was described as a butcher and cattle dealer. In 1911 the family were living at 60 Leicester Road, Loughborough, Percy was still a butcher and cattle dealer, his son John had left home and they had another son, Roy, who was born in 1904.

After John senior’s retirement (1919), Percy and his family moved to Quorn Fields Farm, and when Roy was old enough, he took over the dairy side of the business. Roy married Margaret Rue in 1930 and the couple lived in Loughborough.

Percy and Frances Moss continued to live at Quorn Fields Farm for the rest of their working lives. Frances died there in 1947 and Percy moved out, it is believed in the early 1950s. He died in October 1956.

Quorn Fields Farm/Quorn Lodge Farm – The confusion with names
Today, the (former) Moss’s farmhouse is generally known as Quorn Lodge Farm and is not to be confused with the present Quorn Fields Farm which is found at the very end of Flesh Hovel Lane. John Moss owned a relatively small amount of land, but rented the house and most of his land from the owner by Mrs Perry-Herrick of Beaumanor Hall.

The name Quorn Lodge Farm appears as such on maps in the 1880s and that area of north-east Quorn was generally known as Quorn Fields. The buildings now known as Quorn Fields Farm, were un-named in the 1880s, but by the 1920s appeared on maps called Quorn Fields Farm. And yet we know that the name that the two names continued to be used interchangeably for the farm we are talking about.

In 1946 the Beaumanor Estate was sold. The farm (Lot 17) was described as Quorn Lodge Farm, being rented to Percy Moss, but the illustration (below) for Lot 17 was titled 'Quorn Fields Farm'!

See also Artefact 269.

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